About EFD Creative - Branding

We know what it takes to build a successful business. Whether you want to attract new types of clients, expand your services, update your image, refresh your entire brand or create a new enterprise – EFD Creative can take your event industry business to the next level.

Strategic Branding is our Specialty

We work with businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to build or strengthen their brand. We combine years of creative design, marketing, business consulting and event-planning expertise to help you innovate and grow your business. As your consultant in transformation, we can work with you to:

• Define and develop your brand with the unique image, personality and experiences that truly express your identity and set you apart.

• Effectively promote your brand to convey the excitement and passion that is at the heart of your business.

• Connect meaningfully and build loyalty with your clients, customers and partners across all channels.

• Achieve your vision with the right mix of creative design, interior design, communications and programs that can drive your business forward.

• Manage the entire creative process to ensure everyone is working toward the same goal, within your timeframe and budget.

Our Services

• Marketing strategy – business assessment, market identification, audience segmentation, competitive analysis, messaging and positioning, budgeting, measurement

• Creative design – brand identity and logo creation; designed collateral, presentations and other visual assets; photography, video production and editing; event/venue design and décor

• Brand execution – campaign planning and rollout, content creation, product naming and promotions, vendor acquisition and management, internal communications and coordination, email/direct marketing

• Digital marketing – Paid and organic social media, community engagement, SEO/SEM, campaign management, sales and marketing automation

• Website – Planning, design and usability, content, site search and optimization, buildout and integration

The Wedding Business Brander®

Edna Dratch-Parker

Edna Dratch-Parker

Strategic Branding Specialist

What our clients say

  • " We had the honor of working with Edna Dratch-Parker when we retained her services to brand and develop our business and bring it to the next level. With her direction, our team has accomplished so much over the last year. The momentum she provided as our rebranding project manager has been incredibly valuable. Edna’s thorough analysis of our clients' experience has defined ways which we could perfect our craft. We pride ourselves on service excellence, and her guidance, along with a little tough love, has helped transform our service and venue. As we implement the stages of rebranding, our clients have been wowed by all the improvements made under Edna’s direction and leadership. We are excited to continue to share the changes as we introduce them to the community. Our newly renovated Harborview Ballroom and Garden Terrace are a perfect example of her vision come to life. EFD Creative has also energized our social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Posts highlighting our awards and accolades have been widely shared and viewed, which has helped to organically grow our base of followers and generate excitement for our brand. We look forward to the full unveiling of our new Danversport Waterfront Weddings & Events brand identity – it is perfect! It has been a pleasure working with Edna! Not only have I gained an advisor, but a great friend as well. Edna is truly a Style Maker."

    Amy Young, Operations Manager, Danversport

  • "Edna and I had worked together on past events, and I knew her to be a person of great passion and inspiration. I could tell she cared about my business. She understood me and was able to present me with a vision of how she saw my business moving into the next chapter. The Bean Counter Bakery Cafe had purchased a new flagship location due to open within 10 months of bringing Edna on, and I can’t image how I would have created the brand for this rollout without her insight and creativity. We had an outdated website and needed to start from scratch with a new look and feel. However, creating a new logo and website was just the start, as I learned from Edna that building our brand involved so much more. She helped across all areas of our business—from staffing to the organizational structure of the business to reviewing our product line. All of it was carefully considered as part of the branding process. Additionally, Edna worked with me on the interior decor of all three of our locations to align with the overall messaging. I am so grateful for Edna’s honest feedback. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to see all the great opportunities in front of me. She and I worked with the community and marketing efforts—she was my guide and right-hand person to make sure everything was done with excellence. The new brand has been received with great applause! Retaining Edna was without a doubt the best decision I have made to elevate my business."

    Alice Lombardi, Owner, Bean Counter Bakery Cafe

  • " What intrigued me about working with Edna was her in-depth knowledge of the event industry. Between her years as a professional marketing branding expert, and building her own event planning business, I felt this was a perfect combination to work together on building my dance studio company. I wanted to bring the right message of who were are and what makes us special. Edna spent a lot of time with me discussing the ins and outs of my business and understanding what the message is that we needed to convey. Edna's goal was to create that excitement. One idea that we loved was the video she produced, this along with the new website she designed and managed, launch party and the many ideas she shared, and we have implemented, our business is rising to new heights. We are growing now and collaborating with Edna on additional ideas to continue to bring us forward. Edna provides us not only with valuable information, but how to use that information the best way possible for us, and because of her, we are now moving into the next growth phase of our business. Edna is full of ideas, knowledge and creativity, but more importantly she is a person who connects and believes that connection is the cornerstone from creating something good to something spectacular! And who doesn't want Spectacular!"

    Lilia Weisfeldt, Owner, Ballroom in Boston

  • "EFD Creative has brought us couples interested in hiring our bands through their event company for the last 10 years. Over these years I have seen all their many accomplishments, from the early start of EFD when Edna had entered into the market and built her company with great speed and precision, to expanding to professionally branding others business in the industry. I have been amazed with her "can do" and "get it done" attitude and watched as she continually succeeded in her quest. At NSE we have had a lot of success, but like any business there needs to be a time to reflect and look back and consider the best ways to move forward in these changing times. Working with Edna on crafting a stronger NSE has been very energizing, as she brings so many great ideas to the table, and has us thinking of new ways to continue our success. In addition to Edna's role as an idea generator and implementor, we are lucky to have Kasie working with us with our social media accounts, she is right on top of our brand and continually keeps all the activities of the company relevant online. Edna and Kasie are truly the perfect team for anyone in the event and wedding industry (and beyond) to help develop, brand and grow their business. I highly recommend them!"

    Karen Garside, Owner, Night Shift Entertainment

  • "When the time came to elevate our brand here at Danversport I immediately thought of Edna from EFD Creative. In the past when she came to our venue, she had made some very accurate observations and shared with me some of her ideas to build the business. I liked her energy and enthusiasm and soon she was brought in with ideas, a clear direction, and action steps taking us forward. The scope of the project was notable as it included a complete redesign of the venue which is a total of 20,000 square feet. This entailed an understanding of event flow and space allocation to ensure our venue would offer the best optimum outcome for our couples and clients. Additionally, Edna spent time learning about the business and developing solutions to give our team the advantage to pass on the best experience. She created back end systems, and worked diligently to take Danversport to the next level. In the time Edna started working with us the transformation has been incredible, with industry colleagues, clients and business associates all commenting on the exciting changes. We are grateful for Edna's contribution, and through the process not only has she become a guide for our growth, but a part of the Danversport family for life!"

    Ron Bilodeau, Director of Special Events, Danversport

  • "I cannot put into words how amazing it has been to work with Edna. She came at the perfect time as I knew I wanted to expand my business but wasn’t exactly sure how to get my message out there. Edna took my scattered thoughts and ideas, and turned them into something tangible! It was really uplifting to see everything I wanted with my brand come out in the verbal messaging and see it visually. Edna has a great ability to quickly grasp the overall vision and then take the steps to bring it into a real complete brand. It’s not just the website and social media direction, but spending time on solid steps to grow the business. She took everything I envisioned but didn't know how to implement, and took my brand to the next level, now I’m on my way to achieving this new business model I have been thinking about for years. Edna also has a way of approaching an idea, traditionally I go 100 miles an hour to get something done. But, Edna is patient and slows me down to make sure everything is a true representation of me and my brand. I really appreciate her guidance and enthusiasm. I would tell anyone looking for support from a true professional who understands the purest form of branding to reach out to Edna."

    Tasha Bracken, Owner, Tasha Bracken Events, Protégé Collaborative

  • "Finding Edna from EFD Creative, was like finding the needle in the haystack. I was a registered nurse who wanted to work for herself, helping fellow nurses realize their dreams, yet I had no idea what I was doing or how to achieve it. Edna was able to take all of my thoughts and put them on paper in an amazing Mind Map. This allowed me to see the process laid out, and set realistic goals. I believed in myself more each zoom call, because I realized how much Edna believed in me. Edna listens but responds honestly. She’s not a yes person, yet she’s a problem solver. Her immense experience allowed her to turn my vision into a reality. She brainstormed issues right during my call, and usually the results were even better than my imagination. I truly believe that anyone who uses Edna for branding, and to build their business would be lucky to do so."

    Leslie Taylor, Leslie Taylor Nurse Coach