A Brand is Much More Than a Logo and a Website

A lot of people think that when it’s time to rebrand, all they need to do is get a new logo and website, and they’re good to go. Sure, these are key components, but if you did only that, you’d be missing out on the real benefits of branding your business.

There are other factors that are just as important—if not more—in building a successful wedding and event brand. I’m talking about creating a brand experience your clients and potential clients will value—and recommend to others.

As an example, when you think of a five-star, high-end venue, you automatically have expectations of what it should be like. There is a certain trust that comes to mind with specific known companies. For this venue words like “posh” and “luxury” may come to mind. However, if you walk into that venue and the staff are inattentive or the main dining area looks outdated, that’s what you’re forever going to associate with this brand. The venue obviously missed the mark. Their “brand” and the actual experience didn’t match and the consumer has now lost that once earned trust.
Everything a client experiences when they come into contact with your business is part of the brand experience—from the first phone call to email communications to in-person meetings to the final steps that lead up to the event. Every person involved in the process that represents your business needs to uphold your brand. Your logo and website are a starting point—your calling card—but they’re useless if the brand isn’t being followed through to the last point of contact.

If you can start getting into the mindset of creating a “brand experience” —then you will be well on your way to connecting more meaningfully with your clients. Once you understand the type of experience you want to deliver at every touch point, then your website and all the other design elements and marketing messages will align and consistently convey who you are as a business. It will be much easier for you to make decisions about how to promote and advertise your products and services—and through what vehicles and marketing tactics—to attract more clients, outshine your competition and make a bigger impact in your market.